Deliver improved care to your patients, with better insights. Help More Patients, Increase patient volume and grow your Healthcare business.

Learn how FirstClass Digital enables health care providers to become the obvious choice in all their local markets. We provide innovative solutions that empower organizations to achieve more.

Deliver better care more securely

Healthcare providers can deliver the best care when they have powerful, intuitive tools. Our technology helps them work effectively within hospitals, connect remotely with patients, and conduct groundbreaking medical research. The result is care that becomes more efficient, more personalized, and ultimately more human

A Great Medical Website

As a healthcare services provider, you can improve your local presence with a great website. This is suitable for a Private medical practitioner, Private clinic, Public health centers, Ambulance service providers, Small hospitals, Physiotherapists Consultants and more Some of the other features that make for a great healthcare website are;

  • Intuitive layout
  • Smart navigation
  • Google Maps integration
  • Mailing list and more
  • S.E.O Ready
  • chat support

Security in healthcare is complex. FirstClass Digital makes it easier.

Protecting patient data and your organization from costly breaches adds one more layer to the already complex business of healthcare. FirstClass Digital data and application security solutions give you and your patients peace of mind.

Services we Offer

Grow your business faster with FirstClass Digital no matter which industry you are in. We deliver visually appealing, innovative and feature-rich mobile/web solutions centered towards your business. Transform your business with a full suite of FirstClass services.

Why choose FirstClass Digital for healthcare?

Always-on data and application security solutions

Imperva SecureSphere, Imperva CounterBreach, Imperva Camouflage, Imperva Incapsula, and Imperva Threat Radar provide always-on, robust data protection that safeguards data at the source and protects websites and applications wherever you deploy them.

Trusted by industry leaders

Thousands of customers worldwide, including healthcare companies, financial services firms and government agencies, rely on Imperva to protect critical, sensitive data and applications and ensure compliance.

Cybersecurity experts

The Imperva research team is among the most talented and experienced in the world and offers exceptional insight into both published and unpublished security threats.

Achieve better outcomes across healthcare

Improve patient experiences, orchestrate integrated operations across clinical and administrative staff, and gather new levels of insight to improve operational outcomes.


Providers of Medical, Diagnostic, and treatment services to inpatients and some outpatient services.

Medical Practice

Medical Practitioners, Chiropractors, Homeopaths, Psychologists, Social Workers & Marriage Counselors, Dermatologists, Nutritionists & Dietitians, Optometrists, Physical Therapists and other alternative Healthcare Providers.

Nursing care

Providers of residential care combined with either nursing, supervisory, or other types of care as needed.

Medical devices

Medical companies in the forefront of the latest medical technology offering their products across the whole spectrum of medical equipment, hospital supplies, products and services, including specialist applications

Ambulatory Care

Players provide direct and indirect health care services to ambulatory patients.

Medical Insurance

Provision of medical insurance or different types of services to either patients or other medical sector players

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